An artist like absentvision will take the one chance he gets. From having no identity within the industry to releasing one song that will flip the tables. You hear that fantastic event today, so you better hope you cherish it. This is the debut single from this artist, called Stranger.
I would call this alt-rock, but there is an indie rock charisma to it. If the mystique is to be felt, there has to be an overarching tone that buzzes with the heat of the track. It is evident here, as soon as you hear the song that absentvision has kept more than we can see behind the surface. The vocals are magical, the lyrics leaving like a slit through that Bohemian mask. Harmonics in the chorus are kept as electric elements, especially as the guitar gets involved. It is exciting and encouraging to see what all an artist is willing to keep on the table for a song like this. It is an exciting and invigorating song, something that gives us a palette for what is to come. The bassline in the chorus is something that became a personal favourite. It has a pop rock sound with an R&B aura surrounding it. 

We won’t know what else absentvision is working on, but we’re sure it will be another catchy single for sure. His music is a step further than the rest, and a new kind of resurgence is to come. Listen to his single here and follow him for more!: