DJ and producer, AIN0 is known for creating high-standard, magnificent soundscapes and that’s exactly what we get with End of the world, featuring Jason Paige, the official American Pokemon singer. The collaboration between the two artists has led to the creation of a magical and enchanting track that is utterly reviving.

The artists put on an enrapturing show of melodies, vocals, emotions, and musical concepts with this track. Its rich soundscape brims with streams of dreamy melodies that flow with a heavenly warmth. Acoustic guitar strings wink like stars as an emotional blend of synths and violins flame with blossoming tenderness.

AIN0 - End of the world

Add to this mix, euphonic vocals tendered with the dictate of generous passion. Its timber is throaty and raw which makes the pitch play all the more impressive. Smooth harmonies seep into the husky texture of the main vocals and amplify the emotions. Using space metaphors, the artists write a love song with matchless grandeur. An endless love that transcends death, time, and space. Made from the fabric of the galaxy, it is incapable of destruction and atrophy. “You and I are more than matter, we are one forever, wound together, stars fall from heaven but love never dies.”

And the transitions! So seamless and unique every single time. The musical blends are nothing less than magical. You feel it all as the song consumes you completely!

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

Listen to End of the world by AIN0 and Jason Paige here –