AJ Smith can be film-noir, avant-garde or cutting edge slick. His way of approaching music is viewing it as an extension of himself. His latest track just shows how malleable his form is. He doesn’t need this article to review his music, but he sends it for our joy anyway. This is Drama.

If there is a tectonic shift in what the sound is supposed to represent and what it does, AJ Smith finds the balance between the two. The title of this track is not a unique name, but the contents may surprise you. With a peppy, upbeat environment, AJ creates a building, organic and rousing single. The chorus section literally begs you to sing because of how good it is. The kick with when the verse is closing in to the chorus? Transformative. If you were to find a pop track that brings in the sensibilities required for it to be Billboard quality good, deservingly? This would be my top pick with not even a hint of doubt.

Now, this song is in no way surprising. AJ’s track We’re All Going to Die is a number that is mind-boggling. This is also because of how well it has been composed and performed. Confetti and Lonely Year are an impact and draw of how we spent the pandemic. The reality being, he has looked into how we all experience life, love and friendship, and is able to do it justice with his music. Listen to his single here: