The Drum and Bass Producer & DJ from Rochester, New York, Al Pal, has released his EP, Sober. Containing four beautiful tracks, the instrumental EP unpacks the complex concepts with majestic synthscapes that are easy to get lost in.

Opening with the sounds of a reversing reel, Undone begins the album on a thematic note. Its calming nature synth melodies, pulse with levity, disperse, and coalesce at whim. The scurrying beats roam the soundscape, looking for stability to cling to – a habit, a routine, or even a feeling. A tight bassline runs with the beats, adding depth to the song. It is impressive to see how the artist juxtaposes form and formless, being and non-being, in this metaphysical composition that reminds us that unraveling is an essential part of growth. The synths evoke magical emotions as they shimmer like glitter and fairy dust. Looping it back to where it began, the track sheds its anti-hero complex and blooms with light. Although, you can’t really tell if the track is moving forward or backward – whether it is moving towards its climax or away from it.

Lay Me Down follows the mind-bogging breakout track. Spouting warm synths, you can visualize the soundscape erupting with technicolor blossoms. Pedantic synths dollops dominate the listening experience. This singular sound is beautifully enhanced and used to create a pink flamingo trip. A snaring bassline and absconding synthetic beats consume the soundscape little by little. A lagoon of warm keys oozes resonantly, building a profound, tender emotion into the song.

The third song, Toxic, opens with thumping sound voids. The artist masterfully manipulates sound waves to create air pockets that lend the song a percussive effect. Sonic climbs lead us into a clawing room of rough and scratching synths that rage with a destructive purpose. Using distorted sounds and skirmishes, the artist showcases the obsessive conscience of toxicity. Midway, the track briefly levels with warm keys before another sonic tsunami rushes us back into the room of claws.

Respond concludes the album on an explosive note. Its rich soundscape is nothing short of divine. Loaded with blasting suns and bursting clouds, the song fills us up with incredible zeal. Thundering beats has us readily grooving to its earthquake rhythm as lively synths transcend the multiple layers with grace. It is fun and it is as euphoric as ever. Such an cathartic release, as its unending waves of melody and beats blow us off the cliff of exhilaration.

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