Alcha has just launched his sophomore single, The Light is On. This eclectic synth-flavored dream pop single comprises euphonic light sprays that warm the soul and lift the spirits. Alcha is a funk-pop/funk-soul solo project of France-based singer-songwriter and artist, Alec. With his debut single, Steady, the artist introduced us to his unique world of synth-soul. With magnificent streams of funk melodies and soulful vocals, the artist creates beautiful emotional arcs. 

Racing through technicolor fields of sonic, the song’s intro blows through us with a compounding exhilaration. It manipulates the contours of the soundscape and expands it eternally. The fresh hope and soothing passion of the husky vocals disperse into the endless canvas with the delicate summer dance of dandelions. 

A bouquet of synth patterns transposes the emotional fervor in the vocals to musical poetry. The gleaming dollops, the undying ripples, and the glassy harmonies swirl into magical potions as they are slowly introduced into the vortex of beats. Reminiscent of the transforming soundscapes of The Weeknd and Tame Impala, Alcha is a Lighthouse, a beam of light that your soul is craving. 

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music!

Listen to The Light is On by Alcha here –