Iceland-based singer-songwriter and mystical-pop artist, Alyria has released her new single, Running, featuring Bixxi. Since her debut in 2021, the artist has consistently released heartfelt tracks about love, relationships, and heartbreak that slither readily into our souls. She employs her soothing brand of music to take us on wonderful emotional journeys.

The passionate baritones of the featuring artist, Bixxi opens the song. The vocal timbre oozes with warmth and a profound softness. Tethered to a swishing fabric of ethereal synths, the vocals reveal acute sadness and a breezy melancholy that dissolves into the song. Addictive beat grooves dimensionalize the song and sets its rhythm.

With a cosmic flood of emotions, Alyria’s wispy and lilting vocals blossom like a flower. Sharp and clear, the sweet vocals shift the perspective of the song. The glorious blend of the contrasting vocal timbres makes for an all-feeling and immersive listening experience. Dripping with tragedy and anguish, we all have our hearts broken by the end of it.

Minimalistic and simple, the song’s composition is undeniably elegant. Vulnerable and raw, the emotions adorn and embellish the track as the melodies carry it across a devastating landscape. The track manifests out of nowhere, and creates an emotional doldrum before disappearing into the folds of the universe.

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