Sweden-based songwriter and melody creator, Staffan Amberlind has released his debut single, Reasons, featuring Eurovision singer, Michael Rice. Combining EDM with a touch of Highlands, the pop single is an utter pleasure to behold.

Streaking through the space, the infectious synth hooks, Rice’s liberating vocals, and spontaneous beats engender an immersive musical atmosphere. A story of passion, the song demonstrates the unrelenting hunger to find one’s place in this world and the sacrifices that come with it. Weightless and flying, the song is a magnificent release.

With an air of adventure and unbridled independence, the melodies rage with the essence of freedom. We see finer properties of folk songs like the song’s tragedy, storytelling, and the enchanting use of bagpipes. Bridging the myriad of emotions, the bagpipes pull the song together and pumps the song with a generous coat of melancholy and softness.

Reminiscent of Avicii, the song is a total rave fest with its uninterrupted energy supply. An apology wrapped in a mirthful showcase, the track is about leaving behind a loved one to chase dreams and happiness. Stellar vocal harmonies drench the song with cascading modulations. Excellently composed, the song is a bursting mix of sadness, hope, nostalgia, and faith that acutely make themselves felt.

Available on Spotify and YouTube Music!

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