Anam Danu dribbles celestial folk pop into famished ears. Their winding roads of melodies and touching narratives are ever-arching with bounties! The mellifluous duo from Canada is composed of vocalist and pianist, Siobhan Monaghan and songwriter Andy Dawson Reid. Both artists are veteran musicians with a deep-seated love for the art. Anam Danu sealed their unique styles as they pursued the cinematic swells of classic pop music. In their new single, Perfect, Anam Danu uses magical lyricism and soothing euphonies to console and serenade exhausted souls. 

The cruising lightness of the track creates a lilting sense of levity. Glassy synths, earthy beats, and sprinkles of piano melodies form floating boats for the buoyant vocals. The freshness clarifies the simplicity of life and unclutters a full mind. Soothing in its flow and affirmative in its words, the lavish vocal sweep keeps the good feelings coming. 

The duo formed in 2019. Although they’re fundamentally from different continents, their Celtic heritage and shared artistic vision caused them to form this alliance. Anam Danu’s first release came in the form of a seven-track album called, Winds of Change. Which was then followed by a second and third album in 2020 and 2022 in the names of Winter Blue and Evergreen and Soul Making. 

This track is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Perfect by Anam Danu here –