Based in New York City, Andres Javier is a Puerto Rican producer, musician, and singer-songwriter with a popping single, The Function. Released in 2019, the artist infuses his song with an irrepressible energy that bubbles out of the listeners. Effortless and fun, the song has a little bit of everything from reggae, pop, neo-soul, and rock.

Light acoustic guitar strums set the tempo as husky vocals dictate the energy of the track. Savvy and loaded with swag, the vocals are backed by group harmonies that bring their own texture. Syncopated beats are gradually introduced to increase the energy of the song until it has us swaying and grooving to its rhythm. We also see whimsical synth curtains that lap against the vocals and beats.

Groveling basslines sneak into the foundation and birth beats as the catchy rhyme of the lyrics further draws us into the energy of the song. As the track progresses, the artist continues to layer it with a wealth of musical elements, instruments, and diverse styles. Fusing reggae, pop, and soul, the artist creates his version of R&B. In addition to an incredibly engaging bass guitar, we see pumps of trumpets, key melodies, and blossoming vocal harmonies.

The track snowballs magnificently and gathers tremendous energy. The virtuosic evolution is witnessed in the way the melodies unfold, the excitations of the rhythm, and instrumental articulation. All the instruments fit into each other like a puzzle and form an explosive coalition of vibrancy and vivacity. The lyrics, “My hand keeps the rhythm, while my vocals bring the fire, I am that supplier, get you so much higher!” accurately sums up the track.

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