Ann Hampton Callaway is a pop and jazz jewel. The artist gives blues a whole new dimension with her romanticism and softness. As a singer, pianist, composer, lyricist, actress, and TV host, the artist has written songs with Peggy Lee, Carole King, Rolf Lovland, Amanda McBroom and Shelby Lynn, in addition to collaborating with Cole Porter.Callaway is a Platinum Award winning writer whose songs are featured on seven of Barbra Streisand’s recent CD’s.

She is a multi-talented artist with surmounting accolades to show for it. Her latest release is the ‘Finding Beauty’ Vol. I album in which she explores the contours of love, life, heartache, seasons, and sadness to uncover the beauty beneath them all. Listen Now!

The title track casts a dreamy jazz halo on the listener. Lined with dancing piano lines, Ann’s silky vocals spill with wonder, wisdom, and poetry. It has a remarkable vintage sonic imprint, carrying the glory of old-school jazz into this modern time. It’s a breath of fresh air, authentically crafted and beautifully delivered.

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