Billie Skye is a sublime dream pop artist. She fathoms smooth and silky bliss with lo-fi ambience and mellow vocals. And mixed in with the occasional R&B and other contemporary accents, listening to her music can be a very lilting experience. It is all lavish, boundless, and a soft edged dream. She molds it with a seamless hedonism that flows out organically and naturally. So incredibly magical, yet so powerfully human. ‘Kiss Me’ is Billie Skye’s single from her debut EP, ‘Amorous Mirage’. Across four tracks, the artist fathoms a lover’s dream, layering it with melodrama, sensuality, and a tender intimacy.

iTunes Artwork for 'Amorous Mirage - EP (by Billie Skye)'

Kiss Me tells the story of a fading romance. It is a stream of conscious flow that lyrically reminisces moments of electric passion while preparing for heartache. Its dilated melodies and dazing rhythms are colored with smoky memories and aching sentiments. It is sultry and arresting in its melting vulnerability in a way that connects Lana Del Rey’s sad girl Y2K aesthetic with SZA and Kehlani’s raw feminine expression. Listen Now!

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