Blair Djuna an alternative pop artist from Sydney, Australia. It is the musical moniker of singer-songwriter and solo artist Derrick. Drawn to emo blends and energetic arrangements, the artist crafts synth pop numbers that emulate artists like Harry Styles, Troye Sivan, and The Weeknd. In his latest single, Don’t Tell Me, Blair Djuna floats neon synths, passionate vocals, and feel good vibes into a hyperactive space. 

The track is a vibrant brand of soul-electronica, built with layers of dream sonics and seamless production. Its visual storyboards are brought to life by liberating melody graduations and clarified by the emo vocals. And on the percussion front, straightforward beats are made interesting with disco themes. Shimmering helicoids dramatically sweep through remixed harmonies and vocal design. 

Derrick’s sophisticated music palette and presentation is a direct result of his dedicated experimentation with music. The artist began writing and performing his music at the age of 16 years. In his relentless pursuit of his sound and style he studied and graduated from JMC Academy. He soon founded the SEGANA, a pop duo banner that quickly rose to success. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Don’t Tell Me by Blair Djuna here –