Blush is a Denver-based bedroom pop duo. Made from heartbreak, this emo-pop banner explores a whole new sphere of melancholy with surreal sonics and sublime romanticism. Using inventive song structures and DIY synths, their work is overarchingly contemporary with a rich layer of intimate storytelling and ruminations. Blush has just put out their latest single, “very, Ivan!”. Its combination of mild and subdued bass lines and mellow auto tuned vocals form a light and airy fabric of song that melts into the listener like cotton candy. 

The track plays out like a frame, its story starting right at the start. Opening with the sound of car keys turning in the ignition, the track becomes an outpouring confessional hoisted up by smooth lines of electronica. Combined with the effervescent pink of the vocals and dramatic sound production, the listener can almost picture the narrative playing out. Listeners of Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers are sure to enjoy the blooming pop cycles of this duo.

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