Alt-rock music is a wonder to many ears. It brings the sensibilities of pop ignored by purists, a new way of framing music. Bones in Butter are a Serbian act spearheaded by Milutin Krasevic. The experience the musicians in this group have is evident, with the way they perform, and the theatrical truth of the songs they make. This is their latest single, Down But Not Out.

With an intro section that envelopes the silence and has an inherent flow, we are underway. Like The Cure and maybe even Joy Division, the vocals are almost like a narration. The peppy instrumental part leads to the unique chord progression that seems to be the hallmark of this song. Even the guitar solo is unique, it has some phrasing choices I’ve never heard before. Yet, we see the positive undertone of the instrumental, the lyricism being a stark contrast to the theme. This is what sets them apart, a creative plot of difference, leading to the same, brilliant climatic ending. Their song carries the light of creation but the darkness of the lyrics with a complex balance, which is the palette of colours they have chosen.

Their single from earlier this year is their post popular track, Another Cloud. The years of live playing experience and sensibilities coming from other bands creates this plethora of musical knowledge. This they put to the test with their songs, listen to their other singles on the catalogue as well. For now, listen to Bones in Butter with their single here: