If the post apocalyptic dystopia will have one good thing, it better be post-rock/pop. Bravo Bonez just shook us to our tendons with this new single, with Alba Rose. It has the flavour, energy and sugary sweet rhythm to make your day all that better. This is Treason.

First, let’s talk about the sound and tone here. The synth soundscape is one to surf through, the instrumental itself is enough. If the groove resides somewhere, it is buried comfortably under a dune of cotton soft sound. Alba Rose adjusts her vocals in the most vivacious and perfect fashion, it stands out from the track yet dances in line with it. The bassline is a fun rhythm to track, it bounces with liveliness yet drifts away to keep returning. The string flourishes add fairy dust to the composition, creating a complex arena where the Northern Lights can dance on the horizon. A colourful and fun song.

If this song is how you’re finding out about Bravo Bonez, you’re in luck. He has kept up the pace of his composition after Love Blast Lounge, in 2020. The EP had all the essential sound bytes you need to be entertained and be in awe of his choice of sound exploration. This artist now lives in New Zealand, from where he’ll beam more tracks as he makes them. For now, listen to his synth soaked single here: