Carter Murphy is an artist who recently made her debut on November 18th with the track named HOMM. which is one of the best debut tracks I’ve heard in a while. Her musical sense surely is elite and it is clearly visible in her first track. The way this artist weaves music that is so indulging with vocals that are ecstatic is breathtaking. Her vocals that captivate the listener’s heart are what make this artist so special. This artist creates music that will touch millions of hearts soon and there’s nothing stopping this from happening!

I came across this artist through her debut track HOMM. that is one of the most innovative tracks I’ve come across. The track has drawn inspiration from genres like pop, synth wave, EDM, and Singer-Songwriter and spun it all together to create something very unique. The track features some great electronic elements blended into the track with beauty. The subtle use of such heavy elements is what makes this track so amazing! The vocals are deep and enchanting. They cast a spell on the listeners making them beg for more, just like a good debut track is supposed to do. This is surely a track that deserves a lot of recognition and love. The bewitching musicality and ecstatic lyricism are what add up to become a whole called HOMM. Carter Murphy is a magician with her craft and the way she spins music gets me grooving and I’m pretty sure it will get you grooving too.

Catch a little glimpse of HOMM. by Carter Murphy here –