Charlie Alpha Papa aka CAP is a recording artist, veteran, and medical professional, delivering bangers that he writes and produces from New Mexico.  Since the release of his debut single, Slumber in 2020, the artist has had several releases that have left profound imprints on his listeners. His tracks, Charlie Alpha Papa and Bora Bora, have been highly acclaimed as one of the best in the pop genre.

Taken from his debut album, Part of Me, Bora Bora was nominated in the Best Pop Song category by the New Mexico Music Awards 2021. Other songs from the album, like Poison, was named as one of Rockfest’s best rock singles of 2021!

The soothing aquamarine vocals are as dreamy as the waters of Bora Bora. Its passionate expression captures us within the orb of the protagonist’s memory like a fly in a fossil. The artist crafts a timeless and eternal canvas that spans forever like the endless skies and seas.

With beats bubbling vivaciously through the scenes projected by the lyrics, and mesmerizing vocals, the song drips with a dreamy nostalgia. The artist is known for his eclectic collection of pop music. His sound is not only catchy but every composition reveals the artist and his life and memories beautifully. Don’t forget to check out his latest EP release Darkside.

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