Chris Caulfield is a musician from Toronto, Canada. Combining a unique blend of hip-hop, alternative rock and lo-fi genres with introspective lyrics and haunting melodies, the artist realizes his vision with colorful stories. In his latest single, Porchlight, Chris Caulfield crafts an electro-pop space, loaded with romance and passion. 

The track is a portrait of dreamy love. The track is built with supreme care and emotion. It is a luminous combination of soul elements with mellow synths and downtempo beats. Chris tells a story of love that is temporarily lost twinkling with a hope of return. Its heartfelt lyricism ties melancholy with confessions. As an endearing love letter, spilling with truth and vulnerability, it evokes the touching nostalgia that is associated with the aged imagery of leaving the Porchlight on. 

The emotive baritones sail through the radiant soundscape. Streaming acoustic riffs is elevated by electro beats and dimensionalized by deep bass grooves. And the vocals are a swishing fabric, a flag of apology soaring in the air. Rising into falsettos and weaving into delightful hooks, they are easily the star of the show. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Porchlight by Chris Caulfield here –