Acapella flowing into pop into rock, you can count on having a lit breakfast with Bacon and Eggs by Cigarillo. Formed in 2019, Cigarillo are what happens when a Britpop-obsessed British Australian from Brighton, Adelaide hooks up via the web with an electronic artist from Brighton, England. Pilfering from the delicate chamber pop of the late 60s, the post-punk of the 80s, and the seedy, synthy romps of the mid 90s, Cigarillo are bedroom indie at its finest, recording expertly-crafted tunes that are arty, lyrically-inventive and catchy as hell.

The way the song begins gives away nothing about the wonderful way in which it unfolds. A dorky acapella segment with well-done harmonies leads to a blossoming pop-rock full of heart and energy. The baritone vocals are effortless but have a line of intensity running through them. And, watching the myriad of vocal textures that adorn the song is its own experience. From smooth falsettos to grounding baritones, the outfit masterfully reconciles them.

The diverse blossoms are not restricted to the vocals. Everything flows with the motto of ‘Change is the only constant’. Acoustic guitar forms the core of the rock guitar play. They loop into each other euphonically as the clever theme and lyrics engage our eccentric bone. At any given time, there are at least three lines of melodies flowing through the soundscape. Its rich canvas tongues into our minds with a cursive grace.

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