The Australian singer-songwriter and artist, Clare Easdown is back again with her latest single, Not Ready To Die. The track is a tribute to the earth, presented as a dark awakening. It addresses the blatant injustices that we, as humans, constantly inflict upon it. Polluting its oceans, endangering its animals, warming its atmosphere, and poisoning its land. It is the earth’s letter to its people, speaking its truth and voicing its concerns. 

The artist attempts to confront the listener in real time with the moorish soundscape and haunting vocals. Its dark waves of melodies wind around the clock to project a daunting picture of the earth’s future. Clare adds a distorted vocal sample from Grimes’s “Violence” to the background melody cycle to create an ominous dimension to wake us up from our slumber. And weaves in impactful imagery to reinforce the vitality of the planet’s health, “I am your sky, I am the earth beneath your feet, you and I can be complete if you just open your eyes.” 

The track is available on Youtube!

You can listen to Not Ready To Die by Clare Easdown featuring Grimes Violence and AI Track here –