DaeMarcus is the musical moniker of pop-artist and songwriter, Adam Araujo. Based in South Coast Massachusetts, the artist makes music that he describes as “Pop alternative with a dreamy ambience.” Take it Back is the latest album from DaeMarcus. With ten tracks, the album forms a reflective piece of art, revealing the human condition in personal and familiar settings. 

The title track for example opens with the sounds of a chiming cashier’s machine and the crackling of plastic packets. Pensive piano acoustics line the gloomy vocals. The soundscape is an ever-evaporating fabric with melodies looping into the wispy vocals to escape into the haunting lyricism. 

iTunes Artwork for 'Take It Back (by DaeMarcus)'

The second frame of the song oozes with the fuzzy sweeps of the cello. As the song progresses, the artist reveals echoes of mystery mooning along the numbing textures. Cast in a luminous glow, the track takes on an ethereal mystique. 

DaeMarcus uses smoky vocals and evasive melodies to conceptualize and confront existential pain. Its prolonged design perhaps brings out the essence of mundanity, dragged to nihilistic destinies. And the climax, burgeons with the hazy wires of electric guitar. Its blue sonic bloom is a fitting culmination to the track. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Take It Back by DaeMarcus here – 

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