Danil is a modern pop star with a strong orientation towards experimentation and exploration. Bolstered with conceptual electronica and an energetic beat, his pop music bursts with visuals, emotion, and movement. There’s a lot of synthwave influences that make their way into rivers of contemporary electro-pop as he crafts it. And the result is a pop grandeur that matches the boldness of Erasure, vibrancy of The Weeknd, and emotion of Zedd. Danil’s latest release is a five-track EP, ‘Ok With Me’ across which he reclaims his sense of self and identity. He claims the power to be whoever he wants to be back from society.

iTunes Artwork for 'Ok With Me - EP (by Danil)'

The title track perfectly exemplifies this with exhilarating synth spreads, dance beats, and an anthemic vocal line. Drawn from his own experiences and empowerment, his narratives are evocative. They carry defiant and rebellious themes but the main focus is more on self-love and self-respect and their liberating quotients. This track is perfect for anyone who is struggling with being true to themselves. It is a song of celebration and joy, of choosing yourself over others, and standing proudly by that choice. Listen Now!

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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