Darcy McMann specializes in dreamy indie pop and his debut single, All In is nothing short of a mesmerizing euphonic reverie. The artist enlarges devotion and divine hope with this feel-good track. The artist uses storytelling lyrics to manifest the hope of Christianity in all of us. With gentle flowing acoustics and glistening synths, the track envelopes us in an effervescent atmosphere that feels like home.

It’s impressive to see how the artist crafts mysticism with simple weaves of melodies. The song has a humbling grace that inspires surrender to a majestic higher power. And the prophetic charm of the vocals is as hypnotic as a siren’s call. With each drawing breath, you can feel yourself dissolve little by little into the philosophies of the song.

The track was written by McMann and his friend, Fred Yurichuk, and produced by Idan Altman. Its slow-dancing melodies and swaying vocals are a soothing presence with an enlightening quality. And as the year comes to an end, this song is perfect to reflect on the changes it brought and the person it made you.

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