Funk can come from anywhere in the world, and it sounds great. Deltawelle are a prime example of rising nu-funk stars with a pop vibe that take you for a sunbath with their songs. Their latest is another catchy one called Alles Soll Schön Sein. Let’s dive into what makes this song so good.

Their 2018 album is a good autobiography for the kind of sound they have. How they got there, we don’t need to know. There is a joy and movement in the songs that seems inherent with the genre it propagates. Just like you saw James Brown sweat it out on stage to heavy grooves, you can see Deltawelle give it their all. With a moving, sandwich spread thick bassline that dominates the intro, we flow into a danceable, joy producing single that builds with an organic, video game like ease. As we level up, the sound becomes more and more playful, with some interesting use of percussions. The lyrics are in German, but you could be latched on to just the instrumentals and enjoy the kind of creativity these guys show.

You could check out their album Komos Kann for the kind of funky, light tracks that would make your weekend. These guys bring their all to music, keeping it fresh and lean. Their music represents a positivity that slowly dissipates from our lives, but that’s what music is for. Bring back the groove in your life with the catchy undertones and special beginnings of their single here: