Enchanting tunes and poems of struggles galore with Depression, Baby. Very few reviewers agree on a breakout band, and this is one of them. Diving into their personal lives, each song has a small tale and a big lesson behind it. This is their most popular track to date, A Problem Shared.

You resonate with how well the chord progression moves itself. Not only is it as simple as a country ballad, but strips itself bare for the lyrics. The emotions are mirrored with class and style-something that is personal and memorable. Though the lyrics are devastating, the finger style setting a beautiful hammock of sound to rest on. By the time the percussions come in, your mind is rooted to the instrumental flow, all eyes on the vocals. The soft step into the chorus is contrasting to what you would expect. The cushioned approach helps you to appreciate the musicality of the whole composition. Arranging the instrumental part close to the outro might have been a delectable experience, revolving around the themes that in turn inspire the song. 

The band has other hits with tracks like I Get so Low (sometimes) and Will Comply. Rather than viewing it as music, a much more sensitive approach is understanding it as a peek into a personal journal. Listen to Depression, Baby with their emotive track here and follow them for more spectacular music like this: