Donn Chii, a multi-instrumentalist from Atlanta, he is quickly rising to the top of the hip-hop music scene with his ecstatic musical skills. Donn Chii, whose upbringing was influenced by both rock and rap cultures, completes the circle of his inspirations with his distinctive sound and multi-genre fashion that is innovative and distinctive. He aspires to provide his fans with positive chi (or energy) through upbeat vibes, live performances, and social presence. This is an artist who will take you to a whole new realm with his ecstatic music.  His discography is a vivid array of masterpieces that will seep into your skin and resonate with the strings of your heart

I discovered this artist through his latest release which is an album named ‘LUVERBOI’. There was one particular track that caught my special attention and I really enjoyed it, the track is named ‘Feelz’. This song is about dealing with a toxic relationship and taking stock of the harm it leaves behind. It’s the overpowering sensation of being completely enmeshed in your own emotions and being unable to see above that surface of resentment and betrayal. But in the end, we are all aware that a poisonous relationship has two sides and that it takes two hands to clap. The way this beautiful message is sent by blending it with such immersive music is what makes this track super special. You should surely give this amazing track a go if you’re into romantic music that can evoke several feelings in your heart!

You can catch a little glimpse of the track down here-