Swedish singer-songwriter and artist has just dropped her third single of 2022. With her signature sultry vocals and sensational confidence, Enoka thoroughly charms us with her new single, Do It All 4 Me. The international artist has sung with renowned artists like Bony M, Bobby Farrell, Arash, and many others. Having collaborated and co-written many tracks with upcoming artists, Enoka has ventured to compose and publish her music.

Booming basslines and groovy beats set the rhythm of the track as the artist’s sensual vocals snakes into it. Reminiscent of Usher, the passion and energy of the track will have you coming back for more. Teasing and provocative, the song is adorned with feminine passion and sexuality. Silky and intimate, the smooth caramel vocals demand a good time.

Bad-ass and unapologetic, the protagonist knows what she wants and is unafraid to ask for it. The song will have you swaying your hips and feeling your best right away. Made of dreams that cradle the moon, the breezy melodies are elating and blissful. We see swirling harmonies and effortless modulative vocal flows that end the song with peaking passion. The track is the perfect mood prep for parties and will have you loosened up and dancing out the door.

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