Multi-instrumentalist and multi-genre artist and songwriter, Fat Cat Affair has just released his new single, Up at Dawn, featuring Clay Agnew. The mystery artist is known for his fantastic compositions and collaborations that fuse RnB flavors with pop and funk undertones.

The acoustic orchestra that the artist hangs across this track is magnificent. Its minimalistic composition is drafted to elegantly depict a state of magical optimism. The poetic description of the promise that each day holds, arouses a world of imagery. Sparsely plucked acoustic strings line the warm vocals of the artist. With glistening twines of piano melodies and bumping synths, the artist erects a soothing scene that bursts with potential and positivity.

It is enrapturing to see the husky baritones swell into delicate leaves of alluring falsettos that are reminiscent of Charlie Puth, and Zayn Malik. They rise like sky lanterns, warm orbs of light rising into the atmosphere. The blank spaces allow for reflections and erupting epiphanies. And, the guitar solo erupts like a golden shower spouting glowing specs of harmonies. Its resounding lines weave into the cool drizzles of the piano melodies before it flows away like whispers in a breeze.

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