Hailing from the Bronx, NYC, the former signings of P. Diddy, Ferybeats is a prolific singer-songwriter who has released his new singer, Journey, featuring Nelson. A musical voyage that not only explores the beauty of love but the immutable talent of the artist.

A heavenly love song, with immersive vocals and swirling ethereal synths. The meaty basslines carve valleys of euphoria across the soundscape. One can only imagine the inspiration of the artist to create such a wholesome track that hits just right. The vocal timber is easy and vulnerable, filled with memories that we can’t help but envision. It gives us a taste of an endearing love, full of tenderness and light.

For the most part, the vocals and synths make up the canvass of the song. We also witness layers of harmony that amplifies the vocal virtuoso. Synthetic beats are peppered across, to dimensionalize the track and elevate the impact of certain parts. The booming bassline is yet another entity of the song that allows the synths to climb over it and reach peaking heights.

The vocals sound genuinely happy, a wholesome feeling that originates from a full heart. So dance to the rhythm and melodies of love and light, hope and happiness with this track. If you like mellow pop, straight from the heart, this song is definitely for you. Reminiscent of the works of Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Charlie Puth, it’s one for the books.

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