Frannie B treats music as her journal and journey. Her songs are personal, vulnerable yet never lack effort musically. She has a specific ability of using simple progressions and poetic lyrics to get deep and driven. This is her latest single, Wonderland.

With clean, melodic vocals that are crystalline, Frannie B makes it clear that she has to fabricate her own wonderland. The verse section doesn’t flood the sonic space with instrumental chaos, instead it chooses to focus on the words. With intricate lines and phased out, minimal instrumentals supporting her, she sings to ghosts of the present. The chorus would usually be loud in this genre, however Frannie makes sure the work from the instrumentals don’t veil her work for the vocals and overall composition. She is also quite careful about allowing the instrumental aspects to be respected and enjoyed, a class act truly.

Her track Made For You (Avengers) has been a hot release and has a growing number of streams still. Her music is effortlessly a chip off her personality, and getting honest with her listeners is one way she really crafts these amazing songs. With a growing fanbase, we know we’ll hear more quality pop from her soon, with a message and reason. Listen to her single here: