There is a blend of joy, remorse and melancholy in what Frogs in Suits makes. The four-piece band creates an exciting combination of rock with the wide spectrum of sound that pop offers. As they release their latest EP, Waist Deep, let’s look at their opening track. This one is called Choked Up.

If there are awards for guitar tones, there must be one given to this band. Leaving the guitar as the sole narrator to introduce this music, we feel a pleasant pulse of what has to come with this song. It builds well, going on to a more layered approach for the verse, as the chorus is the glamorous firework show they foreshadowed. The guitar complements the vocals, creating a dissonant magic show with the different styles used. In the bridge, you hear more of a flange that dissipates with the vocals. The post-punk effect then drops, bringing us back to the chorus that we love so much. It constantly grows on you with the unpredictable amount of texture and brilliant execution. The instrumental outro is a beautiful effort, to punctuate what has been an exciting number.

If you enjoyed their tone on this EP, it would be a parcel of surprises to listen to their album. Vertebrae Animals Of Class shows their love for rock and divergent escapades into pop streams. Frogs in Suits have a sound like no other, so listen to their songs as the rain falls! Listen to their powerful single here: