GABLE is a Chicago based pop artist who is known for his ecstatic melodies that are intertwined with some heart-felt vocals. His unique approach towards music is what makes him stand out of the crowd. The way this amazing artist creates a vibe that captivates the heart is amazing. Do give this amazing musician a go and trust me, you will be amazed to discover such an amazing talent. The unique mix of melodic vocals with a hint of pop culture with extravagant instrumentation makes this artist’s tracks so special. GABLE has released 2 singles in total and is about to release his brand new track this Valentine’s Day.

I discovered this artist through his debut track which is named ‘Dopamine’ and was released in the month of July in 2022. The track is a perfect mix of some light vocals and some ecstatic music. The vocals are surely melodic and written well. I was really thrilled to come across such an amazing track! The track will surely make your feet move on its own with its groovy features. This is a perfect track to play on a summer evening, beside a beach. The melodic groove of the track had me swaying side to side with the music. The subtle use of such vibrant musical elements take the track to a whole new level. The intricate yet soothing harmonies are full of life and compliment the track with beauty. Do give this track a go! You can listen to Dopamine by GABLE down here-