Fitting right in with the Halloween vibe, Gemïny has just dropped his spooky new electronic pop-funk single, Creep. The artist explores the push and pulls of his abusive and traumatic encounter with a lover. The single gives us a sneak peek into his upcoming album, Victoria’s Secret, all set to release early next year.

The artist explained that the song represents his experience with a stalker, whose obsession and relentlessness caused him to have a terrifying experience. In retrospect, the artist reflects on his actions and decisions that exacerbated the situation and takes responsibility for them.

Distorting our sense of normalcy, the chilling track is loaded with freaky elements with the vocals taking the lead. The artist employs wispy falsettos to disrupt and disfigure the track’s rhythm and create a sense of uneasiness in us. Shapeless and formless, the smoky vocals rise from the soundscape like ghosts. By alternating it with smooth baritones, we dart between the artist’s memories and reflections of the experience.

Basslines, well-timed harmonies, and soft synths form the backdrop for the haunting performance of the vocals. The artist embeds the essence of the sordid affair in a bed of addictive beats that makes for a fun listening experience. Produced by Tuomo Korander and Tommi Vatanen of BigBadBeats and mixed and mastered by Josh Florez and Jeremy Chua, the track’s creative process was inspired and guided by Jackson’s Thriller.

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