The gospel is the sweetest and most precious when delivered with music. Genesis Eden manifests the power of faith and love for the Lord through devotional pop arrangements and 3D animation. Using contemporary frameworks, Genesis Eden strives to make the truth and grace of the word of God more relatable to the current generation. In this latest track, Loving You, Jesus, Genesis Eden showcases the magnanimity and vastness of surrendering to the joyous kingdom of Christ. Listening to the track inspires profound humility, gratitude, and light in the listener.

The track is crafted with Caribbean styled beats, dreamy flute melodies, and ethereal synth fabrics. Luscious and bountiful vocals express undying adoration and surrender to the infinite embrace of the Savior. It is conveyed with a pristine emotion, immaculate in its intention and earnest in its praise. This purity and purpose inspires the listener’s passion, love and devotion. Genesis Eden debuted in 2022 with “Hear You Calling Me”. It draws the listener in with its inspiring and empowering message; reminding them that God’s voice can be heard even in the midst of life’s chaos and that He will never give up on them.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Loving You, Jesus by Genesis Eden here –