Grace & Moji’s latest single, ‘Sad Times’ has a spontaneous fluidity. It is far more eclectic than all their previous releases with recited pop verses, darting beats, acapella harmonies, all wrapped up in a sphere of quirky chaos. The artists tap into unexpected sonic wavelengths to create a lilting whirlpool of sadness. While the tone is light and breezy, with 90s funk and hyper pop, the theme is held in the lyrical bouts that emerge from it. Represented with these eccentric flavors, the theme gains unique dimensions. Listen Now!

The production value of the track is out of this world. Martin’s reconciliation of such vivid melodic variance is incredibly scintillating. From airy pop frames, the track transitions to take on ethereal cinematic characteristics in the bridge. Lofty beats, distant vocal blooms, and dreamy sonic mists flood into the small frame, before the quirk commands the energy again. All in all, it makes for an incredibly entertaining listening experience. You can’t help but get wound up with the splashy details and refreshing levity. The track is the fourth release from the artist following the hit singles, ‘Our Love’, ‘Monster’, and ‘Tipping Point’.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Sad Times’ by Grace & Moji here –