Griffin Robillard sees the grand scale of things. Inspired by magnanimous themes like astrology, nature, emotions, and experience, he crafts cinematic moments of sonic. For his latest release, Big Pisces Energy, Griffin Robillard draws from events from his life, universalizing it to reveal the truths about our generation. His sonic persona has been aptly described as “A Warren Zevon for the wellness generation, with the hype-drive of The 1975 and the vulnerability of Julia Jacklin.” 

While talking about Big Pisces Energy, his debut album, the artist said that he began writing it in 2021 in the aftermath of a broken-off engagement. Inclined towards poetic sentiment, he found himself returning to themes like astrology and water sensibilities to understand the turn of events. The title track beautifully lays out his thoughts and experience. It opens with a burgeoning vintage sound sample before being modernized by ethereal synth breezes, and playback adages about emotional security and true love. Passing on a resonant melancholy to the listener, it flows into Griffin’s pooling baritones. Its grandiose is further elevated by a surge of fresh and vibrant synths, indoctrinated with the power of transformation. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Big Pisces Energy by Griffin Robillard here –