Harpa channels her powerful emotional releases into her sound. Since her musical debut in early 2021 with I’ve Been in Love Before, Harpa has been busy prepping for the release of her EP, Growing Pains. Containing four songs, the EP is a moving diary on heartbreak, love, and growth. The artist sings with a passion and vulnerability that is reminiscent of Celine Dion.

The title track concludes the album with a vibrant melancholy that is thoroughly disarming. Acoustic piano melodies cast a shining spotlight on the artist as she slowly discovers the person she is meant to be and mourns the parts of herself that she has to leave behind. With beautiful metaphors and imagery, the artist explores the terrific limbo of growing up. The fusion of acoustics with a room of guitar riffs and rock beats, further helps us appreciate the cleavage of what was and what is going to be.

The soulful honesty and childlike bewilderment are something that we keep gravitating to. This ruminating anthem of a lost child is profoundly grounding. Its ruminating lyrics and blazing soundscape are winds of change, carrying the whispers of immutable truths, and the echoes of fear. Released at the brink of the new year, the song creates an atmosphere of reflection and resonance.

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