Oscillating between traditional and contemporary music, Indian singer-songwriter, and artist, Harshini Magesh has released her new single, Seven. The autobiographical composition shows off mellow pop elements that coalesce to create a soul expression. This hearty exposition collects the thoughts in the mind and displays them to portray fresh perspectives.

With Carnatic training, Harshini has a strong grasp of complex arrangements and euphonic articulation. This comes through in how she uses melodies to contour emotions that shape her musical theme and artistic vision. The track is a conversational piece, for the most part, flashing with fragments of all our lives, thoughts, and feelings. Addressing the monotonous compulsions and repetitions of time, this soul-pop track is a heartfelt and unimposing critique of the pace at which the world runs.

With feel-good rippling synths and light beats forming a delightful backdrop, the delicate lines of vocals beautifully further the introspective agenda of the lyrics. It is unpresumptuous and easy to listen to as the sweet-timbered vocals draw us in with their vulnerability. The artist uses neo-classical harmonies and acoustic piano melodies to amplify the emotive quality of the vocals.

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