Hey Julis! is an avant-garde pop duo from Northern Germany. Marrying various genres like pop, rock and jazz, they create amusing musical compositions with saxophone details, Rhodes, ukelele and two-part singing. Tim and Julia explore the interactions of various genres of music through their songs. By introducing uncommon sounds into common pop arrangements, their songs swing and hit the target. 

A jazzy saxophone number leads us into the song. Julia introduces the song with stray saxophone tangents and musical beats embellishing her mystical vocal timbre. The sound of the pre-chorus is delightfully different than the introduction. Loaded with rock influences, Tim’s baritone vocals are accentuated by slow electric guitar details. The chorus is a harmonious amalgamation of the contrasting genres that we previously hear. With the a steady drum beat and the saxophone bouncing off the guitar’s rhythm, Tim and Julia use their vocals to gracefully rearrange the listener’s musical predispositions and reveal a new perspective. 

The sweetness of Julia’s voice bridges the song. Layered with soft harmonies and progressing with beat drops and drum details borrowed from rock, it leads to the final chorus. 

A shifting mosaic of musical genres, the song is charmingly promiscuous in its presentation and interpretation. While Tim’s voice lends a melancholy to the song, Julia’s dancing vocals follows and explores it. The song showcases musical innovation at its best and is a must listen. 

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