IAMSTRAY is an alt-pop and electronic music artist with unique sonic tendencies. Manufacturing novel rhythm designs and dressing them up in diverse textures and dimensions, his soundscapes are largely conceptual. The artist is not afraid to experiment as he sets up avant garde structures and connects them with familiar melody routines and percussive layers. In his latest release LIMIT, IAMSTRAY lays out a whimsically awry canvas that keeps the listener guessing.

The track forms in patterns. Each melody line is fed into rolling spirals, scattering angles, or dotted lines. And their interaction carves out a rhythm that complements the tone and intention of the song. The vocals convey a strong sense of passion despite flowing with an evident nonchalance. With progression, rock riffs and sizzling bass lines leave energetic imprints, drawing out the submerged passion and dimensionalizing the track. Listening to the track is both a visual and auditory experience.

IAMSTRAY debuted in 2018 with his track, Would You Like To Be Afraid? and has since built an impressive portfolio with works like Hide, Subscribing, Faith and Anxiety, among others.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to LIMIT by IAMSTRAY here –