Pennsylvania born producer and songwriter, ICEBERG has just released her self-produced EP, Swim. The album is a beautiful expression of melancholy, leading with rock acoustics and a levitating vocal fabric. Her simplistic style and elegant maneuvering of sentiment is easily the highlight of her music. It is indicative of an innate musical grace and ability that captures and keeps the listener’s attention. The EP is an alluring journey across seven songs. She blends soul pop with melodic rock to craft soaring tracks that uplift the soul. The EP marks her first step back as an artist. Listeners of Adele, Selena Gomez, and Sam Smith are sure to enjoy the heartfelt and vulnerable rendition of this artist. 

One can’t help but feel instantly connected to the artist and her experience. Her clarifying narratives of pain and liberation are easy to identify with. It is no wonder that she has already racked up several accolades to her name, with some of them being as big as co-writing with X-Factor winner, Matt Terry and working with Aston Microphones as sound engineer and vocalist. 

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