Il-luminous started as a bedroom music producer with a passion for songwriting and music. His experimentation with music was with a goal to achieve sophisticated way to articulate himself, his ideas, perspectives through his music. He released Wooden Heart, Conversation and Over You in 2019 and has been periodically releasing music since then. His latest single Inside My Head (Radio Edit) was released in late April this year. 

The song is a delicious mix of soulful, intense vocals, flighty melody and dancing beats. You can’t help but notice the vocal range of the singer and the textures that he brings into the song. Within the first 40 seconds of the song, we can see the singer smoothly transition to different musical scales and tone textures. The pre- chorus is a trippy mix of pick up beats, blooming bass, stirring vocals and frolicking melodies. The song peaks at the chorus with hard core dance beats, rough synths and a resounding bass.  

In the bridge, the vocals are impassioned and deep and is punctuated by sparkling synth details and layers of harmonies that pave the way to the fragmented unions and chaotic harmonies of the outro. 

A total dance fest, Inside My Head (Radio Edit) is a loaded with deep passion and rave energy.  

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and Jio Saavn. 

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