The greatest thing in the world you can ever feel is the warm goodness of love ebb and flow through you. Love That I Deserve by Illuminous explores the hope of the finding this lovely warmth that we all deserve. With his signature use of varying musical textures, the artist paints a picture of memories of pain with a ray of hope and optimism streaking through it.

The artist employs the charm of simple baritone vocals to power the passion behind the lyrics. Catchy dance beats, electronic harmonies and synth knots are used in the chorus to lend the song a tremendous rise and a soaring high. Blending bright melodies with melancholic vocals, the artist beautifully articulates the loneliness of being carelessly handled in love and staying in a difficult relationship. The pre-chorus sports tender harmony tangents that further contribute to the song’s rich texture.

The bridge sports steep vocals that scale to fit the grooving synth pitches and contrast the booming bass. We also see an oscillating synth detail towards the end of the song that beautifully lines the baritone vocals of the artist. Love That I Deserve has cheery synths and energetic beats navigating through the deep valley of the baritone vocals and flooring bass.

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