Enfolding us in a nuclear numbness and blue haze, Down with the Miracle by Insane Blue is a majestic concoction. Its towering emotions and transfixing performance is incredibly touching and moves us to tears. Plug in your earphones and listen to this rising star, as it finds its place in the sky.

Right off the bat, we find ourselves in the middle of soulful vocals and emotional landscapes born out of the melodies. The song is a world of its own. Its engulfing quality is incredibly powerful with its opaque walls of melodies. But you’ll quickly realize that you don’t want to leave it. Its euphonies flow over you like cascading waterfalls, mellow, yet rich and refreshing.

Every miracle needs a tragedy. While the vocals trace the contours of miracles and magic, the soundscape is loaded with stories of tragedy and trauma. The vocals are so exquisitely tender and soft, mellow, and flit across like a breeze. Fuzzy basslines rise into the breezing melodies as haunting harmonies echo in the background. Imprisoning and enrapturing at the same time, we can’t stop watching or listening.

In the chorus, blinding electric guitar melodies rise like a majestic ocean, enclosing the vocals, protectively. Smoky echos sweep the soundscape like guardian angels. Showers of warmth and other-worldly pain are weaved to form a mesmerizing cocktail of emotions. It rages and splashes, commands our attention, and holds our hearts.

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