A Dylan aficionado walked up to a guitar and made conversation. That is how you get I’ve Tried Sleeping. This is an artist who is a fan and student of narratives, stories and the emotional luggage that music carries. Free of charge. This project aims to create more magic and joy with just some simple melodies. Out Here On Our Own is an early 2022 release that fed off that spark.

With a resonating guitar riff that echoes in tone, this is a stadium rocker for sure. The spaced out, yet melodic arrangement is something that will get your head and body swinging. Call it pop-rock, indie rock or whatever you wish, this is how you make a good song. Like a baklava, this layered track is a sweet treat through and through. A music fan like you or me can dissect this all we want, the end result is a cohesive track with a groovy rhythm section and simple lyrics that punch through the haze. The beat is simple, so nothing snatches the spotlight, a warm limelight is enjoyed by all.

The breakdown and scale change is an uplifting out pour of love and honesty that will give this track the signature it is going to be remembered by. That and the catchy chorus makes this a sticky toffee that is entertaining and unifying. I’ve Tried Sleeping have now released 5 tracks on their Spotify, check the joy they share out now: