Established country artist and singer-songwriter, Jennifer Alvarado has followed up her EP, Songbird: Part One with Catfish, a teaser to Songbird: Part Two which is releasing in early 2023. The North Carolina-based artist has amassed a steadily growing fanbase with her definite and distinct style and back-to-back hits.

Refined country-rock melodies introduce us to the song. The artist calls out the reckless behavior of players who think it’s fun to weasel their way into people’s hearts with fake emotions. With groveling sass and soft aggressions, she warns them against such tendencies by claiming the word (Catfish) with her interpretation.

Molten basslines form mesmerizing webs of synergies with the acoustic goodness of the banjo. Powered by her vocal prowess, the song is an instant winner. The flowing soft country melodies are flavored with the roughness of rock guitar lines and beats. Fuzzy and textured guitar lines lend the song a stern seriousness and magnify the sass in the vocals. The stiff beats make for an addictive rhythm.

With a distinct and pronounced sound, the song showcases the artist’s succinct musical articulation and style. Written by Alvarado herself and produced by Ricky Rodriguez from Bombhouse Studios, North Carolina, the song is loaded with passionate intensity with chilling touches of hostility that draw us in.

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