Jobbaloon ushers you into a meditative arena with the newest album, The Invitation. Understand the limits of your perception with suave, transcendental music, that is to be enjoyed as an audiovisual experience. There are pockets of sound where you’re bound to get lost, so carry your spiritual compass.

Where do we begin with this album? There is an immersive ego to the songs itself, it’s like basing your confidence in LSD. In this case, the album creates a fragmented world, many of them for that matter. You dive into each for a certain while, the surrounding sounds revolve and rotate, using synths and powerful beats. There is a sense of command between the percussion and rhythm, a never ending battle that you can audibly listen to. Jobbaloon is the curator, making a mélange of sounds with live instruments and electronic. A blend that is risky, but you can afford to try many cocktails of this kind.

With Baby Blue, Jobbaloon made his entry into this music sphere, which he seems to be remodelling. There are punctured genre layers flailing around the place when this artist touches his instrument of choice. There are catchy lyrics and themes to be found everywhere. It really depends on how deep you want to dive into this kind of sound. Listen to Jobbaloon here: