A keeper of bees and birds, Johanna Dadap lends her voice to the earth in her new single, The World’s Gone Up In Smoke. The independent Filipino musician, songwriter, and composer uses rhetoric and an introspective writing style in her new composition to get her message across.

A haunting resignation comes to life as the song ponders the affairs of the world. A paced acoustic piano melody line sets the tempo. Reminiscent of Miley Cyrus, the husky vocals unfold with a moving vulnerability and honesty. Despite the apathetic rhythm of the piano and vocals, their texture and sound enliven a deep pain.

Delicate harmonies hover around the chorus with their lilting presence. Smooth and sweet, its touching innocence challenges the detachment of the lead vocals. A dreamy portrayal of duality, the clashes are reconciled by the beats and guitar melodies. The song is a commentary on the neglect of mother earth. No one seems to care about or hear what is being said. We just go on living carelessly as the forests burn, fishes drown, birds flee, and animals vanish.

The violins swell with a revolutionary spirit in the bridge as an image of a dry and dreary future is summoned by the lyrics. Thoroughly engaging, the track feeds the mind and tugs at the heartstrings. Its speculative tone and unassuming delivery make the message more powerful.

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