Jordan Jones is an eclectic pop-artist from Canada. His dynamic style is dictated by his appeal to genres like rock, soul, and R&B to change up the contours of conventional pop styles. Sabotage is the debut release of Jordan Jones, featuring four tracks that were released across 2022. And the diversity among them is enough proof of how versatile the artist is. 

Connecting with an audience with music is one of Jones’s cherished talents. The musician and singer-songwriter makes music with the sole aim of spreading love and light. And it definitely comes through in his music. With remarkable creativity and novelty, he writes music for the soul. 

The track explores the impulse of self-destruction and sabotage. It projects romantic songwriting with acoustics, synth melodies, strong bass lines, and mellow beats. The soul styles manifest in the vocals, while the pop emerges from the glassy interludes between verses and the overall song design. 

In the last decade, Jones has adorned many hats as a musician. He has toured across Canada on many projects as lead vocalist and lead guitarist, in addition to others. His music is a museum of his life and musical experiences, weaving in his many learnings to form beautiful pop numbers. 

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, and YouTube Music! 

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