Jordyn Sugar in Pop artist based in Montreal, Quebec who has been drawn to music since the age of 3 and is a trained drummer and a self-taught pianist and guitarist apart from being a vocalist. Her large social media following serves as a platform for her to put on display her musical abilities and she has been releasing music since 2021. Her 6th single “Feel the Rush” is a fresh Pop dance track.

“Feel the Rush” makes liberal use of sound effects throughout and in fact begins with one. The continuous rushed synth, EDM like percussion and sample that fits right into the current pop-landscape form the sonic fundamentals of the track. It is energetically upbeat with a drop in the chorus that makes one want to dance. While it is a dance track, it doesn’t get heavy or draining.

I found the track to be proof of the young energy Jordyn Sugar has. The claps that are used as percussion reinforces this optimism and reminds one of a teen TV show like High School Musical or Glee.  Her vocals suit that track perfectly and I thought that the back up vocals during the chorus were layered fittingly.

Lyrically the track tries to capture the energy of a party and speak to the power of becoming anything one puts their mind to. It is reminder to seize the moment and work towards your dreams, all while having fun. “The Music brings life” remains the main motif and I thought that the song title “Feel the Rush” was only appropriate.

The cover art boosts the loud party ambience the single is going for. If you are looking to add a pop track to get your party started, “Feel the rush” by Jordyn Sugar is the one.